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The older bixby had features which no other assistants had. It could handle very complex tasks. The new bixby has lost all those features & it seems like it's crippled.Below given are few example commands that worked like charm on older bixby but don...
Why did Samsung Remove "Blocked phrases" from SMS app. It was such an useful feature!
How do I enable the "Quick launch of Camera" on S8 with Pie(One UI)?Prior to the pie update, I could quickly double tap on the Home button(AOD) & open the camera app right from the Always-on-display (without need to turn on the screen or unlock the p...
Oreo update for the S8 has been released in India. Check it out.http://tech-rg.blogspot.in/2018/02/samsung-galaxy-s8-oreo-update-arrives.html?m=1
Who else is irritated by seeing this account named "iTechnicalGuruji" spamming the whole Samsung community forum?He just makes clickbait titles to the post with links to his YouTube videos to increase his views. There are other spammers too but Samsu...