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After the latest update, i have noticed battery issue with my note 20 ultra. At 6am, its charged 100% and by 12pm, the battery is 20%. Checking mail box and social media in gaps and still issue. Any tips..
Hello members,Since update, the letters in contact list on right side are missing. Please advise how i can get them back.
I have tried everything to limit battery usage but failed. Upon asking Samsung Customer Service, they just play with you and say now will work fine. Earlier my phone was able to survive till 14.00 hrs but now battery dies by 11.00 hrs which is very v...
Good Day Members,Since i purchased Note 20 Ultra (6 months ago), I haven't used wired Head Phones from AKG which were in the Box. Yesterday I did use them and voice level is very low as compared to others. Is this Normal or there is issue with Head P...
Hello.. I am struggling with Battery of Note 20 ultra. I am not using much but by 12pm, the battery drains to 50 - 60 percent. I did whatever shown to save battery. Any Help