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Surprisingly, today I got Android 13 ONEUI 5 on Galaxy A03s in Pakistan , I was just reading about ONEUI 5 features..Just used only 1 hour after updating so can't explain, about bugs & improvement..
Congratulations  to everyone who has Galaxy A03s after Changing Issue, Fingerprint Issue & Camera Issue I found new of Account & Security Related, about 5 days ago I saw everything was sign out itself but I didn't give any importance it I thought ma...
I put my Galaxy A03s on charger at 7:46 PM Percent of 76% after an hour passed I saw charged it's now 95% means only 19% charged in 60 minutes with Original Charger came with Galaxy A03s, what a speed it has.!
It's very disappointing when you come to know that your new Galaxy A03s isn't better than your old Oppo A3s, it's only upgrade of Memory otherwise it's very disappointing, I compared new Galaxy A03s with Old Oppo A3s in brightness, Networking, Direct...
Now it's again stopped working after 6 say of resetting the phone, you got a new gift from Samsung after losing your some data by resetting phone & hope that after reset fingerprint will work normally but it's totally wrong, I've tried everything thi...