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My FPS has become blazing fast post the August update. This is the update where the update summary doesn't lie saying "improved fingerprint performance".Now please look into connectivity problem.
Galaxy A50Let alone improving the fingerprint scanner, first improve the most basic functionality of a device: it's network performance.• Call does not connect. Instant call hanging up when you tap the green call button• Awful network performance. Ph...
Does anyone face a problem when connecting a laptop to mobile hostspot? My download speed drops to zero until I reconnect the laptop to the mobile hostpot. I need to keep doing so. Immediately after reconnecting the Internet on my laptop works fine b...
How do I configure the IP address of my device? I can't really find the field where I want to enter my custom IP address.Galaxy A50The IP address field is untappable. I want to edit the IP address.
Galaxy A50The clock, date, battery percentage and recent notifications weren't showing on tapping the screen once. Only the fingerprint scanner symbol was showing. This happened for like a day or two and then the problem fixed itself. Samsung please ...