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This is my policy so it's easy and simple,If you like my messages I'll like your messages back!If you accept my answer I'll accept your answers!If you put good comment I'll do the sameThe only hard this is just to remind meWhat you do always come bac...
I charged it at 19:00 in the night and woke up at morning 6:30 to find my phone still charging to 26%Super slow!
I wanna say .... thank you! We help others , not to show them that we can help but to show that we are there any time they need us Thanks for everyone who commented and liked all my posts and answered my question becsue of you guys I have only 4 more...
My holiday If I compare this holiday with other holidays I have gone to I'd say this was the best from all.A vacation is not to how how rich we are, it's to show that we are free and are having fun with friends and family Me going on a boatAbout to d...