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HiI have two coupons from Samsung pay. I just don't kkow how to make use of them.. So e advice anyone 
Over the weekend bought the galaxy watch 4.its awesome. It's so smooth and much faster than the previous iteration.Like always the same features that were missing are missing with this one.But for standard work out it's amazing.Was the second person ...
Hi.Will Samsung allow trading in of previous galaxy watches for the watch 4? I intend to trade in the watch 3 for the 4..qikk this be an option? 
I own a fitbit ionic. Terrible software experience. I am interested in a Samsung watch like tomorrow, A Samsung watch 3 to be specific. but I need to know:  is it worth it? Should I wait for the watch 4? are all the features enabled In South Africa? ...
Hi all.Have an s21 ultra. Noticing bad battery life. I can't get even 5hours screen on-time. Mind you I've reduced resolution to 1080p.Anyone experiencing same issue?