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Anyone noticing that Google play services is consuming battery in the background. Is it a bug?
The new gestures bar leaves a white bar and doesn't blend with app colours. Shouldn't it be like in pixel where it merges with app background?
Can anyone please help test whether your S9 vibrates due to earpiece speaker. You can test this by playing a stereo test on YouTube.My s9 has been vibrating badly whenever anything is played through the earpiece speaker, even during calls on speaker....
Does anyone's S9 vibrate when playing music at high volume, particularly at the center portion of the backside? My phone has been vibrating at the back when playing anything at high volume but I don't have any way to compare with other phone. Any adv...
I had given my S9 for display change last week and since then they don't have the spare and now they are telling procuring it from noida will take time? Anyone else has a prior experience of samsung's service? They don't have any idea of when the spa...