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How can I have "always on top" windowed apps over other apps that are set on full screen window? By that I mean for example: google notes app on "maximized window" mode taking all screen, with twitter app on small "windowed" mode over the notes app. ...
Does the tab s8 and s8+ have auto framing? Or is it an exclusive feature to the tab s8 ultra?
 I'm dissapointed to learn that the "Quick share" app on microsoft store can only work on samsung laptops and not general laptops running windows.  I think its a huge disadvantage to us samsung users specially that its a software issue that can be ea...
so, both Huawei Mate X2 & Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold have desktop mode running On Them. Why doesnt the (Z Fold series of phones) not run DEX ON them natively (Without having to cast/mirror to a tv/monitor)?I mean ON the phones themselves
Hello, can someone plz create a watch face based on westworld's character serac, specifically, the divergence watch that he wears in season 3? Bonus points if its made so that the watch face is moving like the one in the series. And free 