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Samsung M30s has got last update in october that was only a security patch update. The other devices with same processor and chipset have got the one UI 2.1 update but m30s hasn't. Kindly send the update fast as soon as possible.
Recently i bought my new phone M30s and I tried finding Secure folder in it but there is no secure folder in it. Earlier I was using J6 and it was having secure folder in it. Kindly provide us secure folder in the next update asap.
It has been a long time that J6 hasn't received any update. J6 has got it's last update in october 2019 but now it's January 2020 i.e., it has been 3 months and J6 hasn't received any update. Please send any update to remove its lags such as quick ba...
The new samsung A series comes with 4G+ but samsung J6 doesn't. It has been a long time and J6 hasn't got any update. So please give an update that must include 4G+ on J6. Try as soon as possible 