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I'm thinking maybe Samsung should add transition effects when swiping in the home screen.Just a suggestion.Those who agree give this post a like.
Built-in internet speed indicator is very important.Because if some app tries to steel the mobile data in the background we will know that.Also we can monitor our mobile data usage in real-time.
There is this app called s secure (app lock from samsung in galaxy store) which is basically of no use. If the someone wants to open app that is locked using s secure he/she simply have to uninstall the app and boom.App lock is for locking the apps s...
I don't know why samsung makes software differences to their device. Outside features aside, samsung should provide same software experience for all galaxy users.Other brands provide same ui no matter what model it is.
Samsung Internet browser is one of the best and secure browser out there.Interface - 💯Browsing Experience - 💯Features (Like video player) - 💯Sync - 0 Samsung Browser is not on desktop so it's concerning and the only way to sync your data is to log...