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How can I set call reminder within phone app on my A8 star
I find that the HDFC mobile banking app does not properly on my A8 star. The buttons in the bottom tab do not work. They work fine on C9 Pro and A9 ProCan someone help.
I find that in my Samsung A8 star there is no sound for notifications for Whatsapp and SMS, even though I have set my phone for sound alerts.
Just purchased A8 star, really disappointed with the Bixby key. I cannot even customise it and it does not work at all.How can Samsung force this on us esp when the Bixby is half baked. Least they could do is to allow us to customise this. My last Sa...
I find that since yesterday in both HDFC Bank and SBI bank app, the touch sensor does not work. I am not able to type anything in these 2 apps. Tried to wipe cache partition. But get an error Failed to find E misc partition.Pls help esp how to resolv...