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I want to know who can take the protection plan of samsung and how? i have tried with the new mobile it is showing m not eligible .. there is three plan screen liquid damage and screent protection etc.. plz clarify it, if someome knows about it.. the...
i have samsung s10 my warranty is going to expire in 6 days, i want to know how can i extend my warranty? i am from prayagraj, uttar pradesh. i want to know is there any way to extend it online or i have to visit store. if i have to visit store , i w...
My screen lock pin has changed automatically, I am unable to open with pin but it can be unlock with fingerprint.. I have tried all pin everything.. at last I have to format my device to restore it.. But again problem occurs now I am unable to set sc...
i m having s10, i don't know whether samsung has any date and time stamp for photos .. if someone know any suitable app for date and time stamp on photos ,plz let me know.. thnxS10 above all..