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Hi Guys,I have updated my Galaxy s10 lite yesterday with Smart Switch by laptop. Today I am feeling issues like Hotspot frequent disconnect, Apps opening issue. Is anyone having ssme issues ?
Hi Guys !!In my last update in S10 Lite battery charging, today I have completely drain my mobile & when its get's switched off I put charger in switched off condition. Mobile got 100% charged in 1 hr in switched off condition, while is on condition ...
Hi Guys, I have recently purchased Galaxy s10 Lite. Mobile has taken 1.45 hr charging from 5% to 100% but in online review it is showing that it will take 1.05 hr to 100%. Please let me know is everyone facing the same charging speed, is this due to ...
Dear All, I am pleased to informed you that in the step of boycott Chinese products today I replaced earlier Vivo mobile by Galaxy s10 lite. S10 lite is nice mobile. Today js my first day of use so I am not able to do more comment on this.
Anyone have idea of battery replacement cost for Galaxy Note 9.