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I am using Galaxy J7 (2016) since June 2016. I have reveived a last software update in November 01, 2019 through on air way i.e. you have to go to settings and you have to update the software. After that I have not received single software update. 
I am using J76 since June 2016. But recently I am facing an unnecessary heating issues.  I spoke in the Live Chat section. But their answers are like useless. I want permanent solutioj on heating problem.Could Anyone help me with this?
I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) since June 2k16. I am facing serious battery drain issue. Is there any solution for this ?
I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. I am facing fast battery draining issue. After even 100% charging battery lasts only for hardly 20 to 21 hours.
I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) since June 2k16. I am facing an issue regarding answering or rejecting call. Previously what happens when I get cla voice call, I used to answer by Dragging Green pointer from Left to Right and for rejecting a cal...