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I have found in setting>app>system app> wifi calling and in permission i have set it allow for phone call. But not showing any sign or simble on notification panel.How to use wifi calling with airtel sim.Hope Phone j7 prime may be work for Vowifi cal...
Prime smart phone of samsung 2-3 years old phones taking charging of 70% (battery 30%) some time 1:30 to 2 Hours. And some time its take for the same charging 3-4 hours.What to do for it? Can't understand samsung charging logiecAndoroid 8.1.0 os j7 p...
why i purchase my next phone from samsung perhaps samsung not providing lots of feature in indian phone. After 3 years samsung phone will scrabe beacause samsung not providing support/upgread/update (paid/Free)
Hi, How many family members finger add in j7 prime for biometic lock.Currently i have 3 users and want to add one more like my left thumb. Any one have more info about this scanner memory.
Why Samsung not providing new upgrade for 3re years old models? If I want new upgead OS version to installed in my current phone which model was launch 3re years before. And most of people want the same it can be chargeble.Are you going to buy costly...