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Hi guys,Recently bought Note 20 Ultra and USB OTG. When i connect any of my hard drives, it detects it but says it needs formatting. I dont want to lose data on HDD. Can anyone tell me which format it will convert the file system? Currently my Hard D...
I just discovered that my N20U is making a rattling noise when i accidentally shook it. Upon some R&D, found that it is a feature of the Camera Module and apparently its ok. But it comes even when i am not using thw camera. Can all N20U users confirm...
Looks like Samsung battery monitor thinks this app is charging the phone instead of consuming it.Never seen a negative sign for battery consumption before. 🤪
Is everyone facing the delayed response from the call buttons when you are using any apps and receive phone calls.There is a lag of about 2 to 3 seconds until the call is picked up or rejected.
Can someone explain why the Playstore is saying that my device is uncertified?Is it because of the beta program? I am using N20U