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So many apps in share menu.It's very hard to search for needed on by just scrolling.It would be really useful if there is search option even in share menu.
The notifications which are having smart reply are not sent to connected Gear S2.Only notification without smart reply should be sent.
I did factory reset my device two days ago due to PIN not working issue.Then I got this notification.It is not hoing away.What is this?Hiw to get rid of this?
For those who haven't taken backup, please do it immediately.I have had this issue where I got locked out after switching to ultra power save mode.Even remote findmymobile doesn't work in this mode.Only option is to factory reset.Please do take a bac...
1. Twitter hangs frequently. Have to force stop the app and start again if it does.2. Auto brightness is buggy and too aggressive.3. Notifications on lock screen gives inconsistent behaviour on touch.4. I have observed jittery animations with candy c...