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Auto charging offA lot of costumers at this time charging the phone only around 80% for longer battery life. Giving that feature will really help them like in case if they fall asleep while the phone is still charging.
What do you thing of asking developers from Galaxy Apps to make apps in the Tizen Store? And providing better services.Yeah they don't really like monopoly and high tax, while the other hand costumers like optimized apps for better story and smoothly...
A lot of Gadgets manufacturers are getting difficult to make a hardware product innovation during pandemic but Samsung has almost everything to make innovation in any device. Tizen OS implementation would be a great time.#samsuntUK #samsungID #samsun...
Samsung UK ask me to put my deep suggestion on Samsung Community. Ok let's discuss!Hi, Samsung. I am your flagship smartphone costumer since 2017. Let me give you suggestions for your next flagship smartphone generation for better improvement.It's ve...
I hope Samsung will not follow the competitors regarding night mode processing. It is like changing a night picture becomes like a day picture. Providing clear image while keep improving HDR processsing on Night Mode is much better. Clear Night is Tr...