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My Galacy Watch Active 2 used to vibrate and notify me when a WhatsApp call was coming through but now doesn't vibrate at all. It would be really great if this feature came back and even better if it allowed for WhatsApp voice calls to be answered on...
With the new update on my Galaxy Watch Active 2 my option to view my past workouts and their data on my watch has disappeared. There used to be an option to 'View Log'. Please bring this back. Another feature that disappeared a while ago was the week...
I would love it if I could view the amount of steps I have compleyed on my run. I can view this data when u go for a walk but there is no step data available for runs.
I have found that with the new update that came on my Galaxy Watch Active 2 about two weeks ago, I have lost some of my favourite features to the minimalistic design. I can no longer see my average steps for the week which I used to check daily and I...