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Samsung please Update our Galaxy S6 calculator so that we too get unit converter feature like S8/plus. It's a very handy feature needed by students like us
Samsung is slowly updating our phone apps icons look as that of S8 look, so far Galaxy app, Samsung music, Samsung internet and Samsung video apps are updated and now we too have same look as it is there in S8
Can somebody tell me what is the cost of S6 charging cable, my original one has got damaged and I went to a service center to buy another, it was not in stock but he quoted Rs 375 for it, don't you think it's too much for a cable only? Isn't he is ch...
Has change CSC code to INS again, and finally got update without that error
I have set fingerprint lock with PIN, my question is why after restarting or power off/on, we need to put PIN to unlock, why Fingerprint doesn't work? What the reason and purpose of this?