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Dear friend my m31 phone gallery not showing jfif images except jpg & png images .please how I can clarify this matter .please explain ..❤❤  iam unable to attached jfif images here with .
My samsung M31 Gallery not shown the images of jfif . But shown the number of recieved files .images not shown .Kindly explain this and how get it clarified .Wolley Saparamadu .I converted this jfif file into jpg.
I down loaded Samsung Flow from Galaxy store to my M31. I downloaded same by google to My PC windows 10. My Pc Responding to  software and searching my M 31 mobile. But software in M31 no response. Just dead. not even properly open. Kindly let me kno...
I have downloaded music file to the SD card. It shows in the SC card as music. But It did not shown in the gallery album . I tried to move or copy but there is no way to do it. Please let me know what should I do to show it in the Gallery. Wolley Sap...
My M31 Mobile stopped in the mid way   It was become a habit. I had to open Video clips once again. I am really frustrated this outcome.  I bought this phone just 6 months. Before I go for warranty  I just would like get my community of their experie...