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1. Charging time has increased a lot2. Battery draing is high3. Over heatingI feel the update hadvalmost killed my phone
Why there is no security update for a51? The latest version of security patch is of June wjy it's so? When can we expect it? It's too difficult to hang on  with this device
What's actually core UI in samsung phones? Anybody please explain 
My galaxy a51 get disconnected from Bluetooth headset frequently,  i searched in the forum that it was seen before and get resolved by software update, my phone is updated to the date and iam facing this issue now, what ti do now?
Face unlock of galaxy a51 is creating trouble everytime, it's not properly working even in a medium lighting condition, it's found that my galaxy m10s which is very much a lower device perforsm well so i double checked it and found that in m10s the v...