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Hey guys, I want to share you some special feature of game launcher. You can check real time fps, CPU and GPU usage and real time device temperature. You have to install an application named "GAME PLUGIN" and after installing that you simply open it ...
Is it safe for a battery to use a medium power saving mode while using some apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc, when battery percentage is above 70-80%. Or we should use it? Please give your opinions on this topic as I eagerly want ...
1. UC browser2. Google Chrome3. Samsung InternetTell me in comments according to your experience!🙂
Can anyone please tell me that how accurate is Samsung health app in counting steps, I mean its pedometer.Please answer this if you use this app in the comments and share your honest view on this Samsung app.I want to use this but firstly I want to k...
Is anyone notice improvement in picture quality of galaxy A50 after december security patch update.