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Samsung Files app has no network storage options like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc. Can it be implemented as addons? If so, how?By not integrating in files app, I have to download the files from seperate app and then I have to use it.Device :...
I recently realized that the inbuilt Samsung Max is different from what is available in Playstore.The inbuilt has this name : com.opera.max.oemThe Playstore version : com.opera.max.globalMy question, what is the difference between them?
I have heared someone say that Updating via FOTA isn't recommended way. Can anyone explain the technicalities behind this, and why we shouldn't update via FOTA?Also please provide what are the recommended ways to do so.
As title suggests, "Location" toggle is automatically activated when I am connecting to a WiFi network. It happens on some networks only. Is there any settings that needs to be changed? Or any system app needs to be killed?I have tried Factory Reset,...
Why Galaxy Store App doesn't have a dedicated dark mode, and why doesn't it respect the system theme?