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 Hello my friends, let me find the name of this app or a link in the play store please. thank you so much.
Hello, Galaxy A72 got an April 2021 patch update all over the world. There is a heavy update which weighs 1005MB and some have received an update which weighs 422.99MB. I would like to know, is there the difference between devices or regions? Thank y...
Salut les amis, je t'aime. Faites-moi savoir si Samsung aura ajouté les galaxies A50, A50s, A70, A70s et A80 dans One ui 4.0 sur Android 12. Etes-vous sûr, selon les spéculations sur YouTube. Quelle est votre opinion à partager?
Hello friends in this community. I would like to know if the Galaxy A52 & A72 will be part of the monthly or quarterly updates?  
Hi friends, why has the Object Eraser feature been added to the Galaxy A80 when other flagship Galaxy and some thousands of ranges exclude it? A glance at the notification log of my Galaxy A80:    It's the same functions to erase like lab like Gala...