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Is secure folder available in Samsung M21?
I don't understand why Samsung is not releasing any updates for A50 and A20 in India? Giving Lockdown as the reason for delay is the worst excuse.Now A50 is getting lag and also facing heating issue frequently. Now I think Samsung should stop using E...
Longtime ago it was posted in Alive Intelligence by Admin that all the models will be getting the new messages app update. But still no sign of any such update on A50 in India.Admin please clarify.
Guys it's a known fact that A50 front Camera is showing 16MP instead of 25MP. Now one thing I noticed today that while changing the resolution when u tap on 3:4, just look at the screen it shows 25MP. It's definitely a bug but I wonder whether the bu...
Got One UI 2 update in India yesterday but the messeges app is still the same. It's yet to get the much awaited update.