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Still no fix for the Fast Charging bug from the 2021 Update?A whole year & still nothing on how to fix this fast Charging issue??I have reset my A72 multiple times & it still doesn't fast Charge. 
Ever since I've installed the November Update, my Galaxy A72 does not efficiently maintain Fast Charging. Infact Charging with the option disabled is more efficient than Charging the phone with Fast Charging enabled.PLEASE RECTIFY THIS UPDATE AS WE C...
So the June update is meant to change the front camera from 32MP to 21MP?This is really baffling, as the specs of the device say 32MP Selfie.Can someone clarify this? I mean if I want a 21MP selfie camera, I may aswel have gotten the A51.
Galaxy A71 has so many glitches on the Call/Phone App. It freezes, and lags when you hang up a call.Basically for a 6GB RAM device, this is trash.Front camera has switched from 32MP to 21MP Front Camera ever since the April/June update.This is trash ...