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Isn't the update of 3.0 beta available for Galaxy Note 10 Lite in India ?
After latest update in samsung Notes highlights in PDF are not working properly. It is changing the colour of words rather than highlighting and it has also changed all the previous edited PDFs as well
Sometimes I can feel the movement inside the phone when I touch my back side of the phone.. even if I am not using the phone. Galaxy Note 10 lite. Is it because of the glasstic body?
Google App is draining battery of Galaxy Note 10 Lite. It is a major issue..I have attached a screenshot which shows that Google is using the battery in background and has drained the battery over night.
I am user of galaxy Note 10 lite. App like Google and Google play services are consuming a lot of battery as it show they are running in background whereas actually nothing is running in background.Is there any way to solve this..?!?