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Anyone please suggest good 3rd party app ( which don't required root) in which we can block mobile data connection for specific apps.#Galaxy M31.
When Bluetooth is turned on, Bluetooth icon not displaying on notification bar. after drop down the notification bar, the Bluetooth icon displaying on notification bar.Note : No notifications of Bluetooth are turned off.Still Bluetooth On, but no ico...
How to prevent WhatsApp to change system settings in M31. WhatsApp changing systems notification settings. I am disabled call popup notification settings but whenever WhatsApp call received that setting automatically turned off and popup with system ...
Why AM PM not appearing on status bar for 12 hours time format in M31?
Even muted WhatsApp messages are also getting notified in M31. After turning off "call notifications" in app info -> notifications section, when call came, automatically that setting turned off. Samsung lowering it's brand value.