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Just before I updated to Beta, I had dropped my S10 plus from waist height. A very small patch of screen at the bottom left corner has blacked out since. But today my whole screen has faded. Not sure if it's due to the drop or due to Beta.
Has anyone noticed the refresh rate has gone down. While scrolling fast, it never went blurry but in the beta, it is. It's stressful to my eyes.
Was any of S10 series owners able to enroll for One UI 3 beta program? I was waiting for it for a long time. I didn't get a notification when it was launched. Members app notify me for useless activities but not for this. And I missed it.If anyone wa...
How many of you use Samsung's AR emojis? If you're using, you would know that these are not emojis or stickers, rather GIFs. Although I had never been an owner of an iPhone, I have seen the AR emojis in it. They are like animated stickers. I was expe...