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Since I bought Samsung Tab S8 Ultra on August I didn't received any updates each time or each day I checked I get (Your Software is Up to date) Is that normal ?
Can you imagine since I bought it on August tell now I didn't receive any updates from samsung or google 
How come that you buy samsung watche 5 pro and after you buy it you relazed that the samsung health monitor not working due to country restrictions hear in middle East its just wast of money I'll planing to buy apple watch series 8 
Today I received an update for my s20 plus 5G to enable 5G services with Vodafone Qatar and this is 2nd update during July but the last update which launch today was enable 5G but I noticed that my device getting hot with drain battery is there any i...
I have Samsung s20 plus 5g I bought it from my services provider Vodafone in Qatar but 5G not working I think I need to update PRL but I couldn't find this option