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Hi fellow members, I would like to know which are the good quality options for GW4 Classic straps? I searched on ecom sites and found many but would like to know your views incase someone is already using any third party straps. I feel options on sam...
I finally got my GW4 Classic 42mm LTE yesterday. I have observed since yesterday that the bezel stops working (scrolling through menus) abruptly. This happened to me 3 times since yesterday. Has anyone else experienced this?  It starts working fine a...
Has anyone been facing this delay? I had pre booked the GW4 Classic 42mm LTE on 31 Aug and initially it was shown that it will be delivered on 11 Sept. However received an email from Savex later on that there is a delay in delivery due to unforessen ...
I have encountered the issue many times where images captured through Night Mode keep on processing for a very long time and finally fails to make image any better. The image remains same as original. Has anyone else faced this issue?
I have two sim cards in my device, my number associated with samsung account is SIM1 but since i started using SIM2 , whenever I try to check offers under 'For You' on the app it sends OTP to SIM2 number which has nothing to do. I want the app to sen...