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Hi All   there is an issue in UI 2.0 in Galaxy M series phones, that when the phone is standby wifi keep getting disconnected/reconnected.   S series phone have an option where the user can choose to keep wifi alive when phone is in standby. This is ...
Wifi keep getting disconnected and reconnected when phone is in standby. Probably it is being deliberately done to preserve some battery. Long back, few phones had option in wifi setting to keep wifi ON during standby, but not anymore.I believe this ...
Does anyone know how to disable screen wakeup when SMS comes? I am not using Always On Display.Played around with notification settings of App but nothing seems to be working. Is it a bug?
Hi AllAs soon as phone is locked, gets into standby, it appears the wifi connection stops.I do not receive any whatsapp message until the phone is in standby. As soon as I unlock the phone, the connection starts working and I receive all the messages...