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Has anyone notice in front camera , there shows 21mp in 3:4 resolution? Why is not 32 is showing in any resolutions?And camera brightness is much higher super bright, Even after lowering display brightness.I think it is bug Samsung should fix it in n...
Hi. I got security update in M31 and this software update stopped during installation. Now having so much problem.I can't turn it on, off, not able to restart.Phone heated so much that it could explode. I tried via switching power and volume down key...
I think the camera quality has been degraded. There is large difference between 5mp camera of today and 4 years ago.I am regular user of Samsung and used almost 4,5 models. And then I noticed it.Earlier camera quality of 5mp and 8mp was much better t...
Will j7nxt get android P update. Any rumours?
after android 8 oreo update, the phone lags many times and internet is also got worse. earlier it was fine. it's some type of bug. hope in next update, you'll solve these issues.