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I am a Samsung customer for about 8 yes and I am currently having Galaxy A6+ but t i have not received one ui 2 update . Extremely disappointed.
They said that they will give me update on my a6 plus by may .and today is 21 may . What the hell is that . I was samsung fan for 6 yrs but now I am not gonna buy their phones again. Samsung I am extremely DISAPPOINTED!!!
My device is charging very slowly and every time I plug in the USB it shows a notification device charging slowly even if I am charging with my genuine charger or any other. And I am **bleep** sure that my charger hardware is ok . I have also perform...
When will Samsung Galaxy A6 plus get one u 2.0 update and I am facing heating issues also my device is running on one ui and battery is draining very fast even it's on medium or ultra power saving mode