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Guys my phone is restarting automatically once or twice a day on it's own. What's should I do ? Its going on after android 10 update. And internet is not working properly.
Guys I'm also having trouble with wifi stoping like every 15 minutes , apps are not working properly they also shutdown every 2 minutes I have formatted my phone after that fingerprint problem was solved. @Samsungindia do something about it.
Guys new bug occurred today apps are showing some 503 code errors and keeps crashing again and again on offline mode too. Specially Netflix and hot star.
Samsung Galaxy a50 android 10 update came finally and fingerprint sensor is not working anymore if you guys are suffering than do tag this post.
The whole world has used android 10 and few phones have started beta testing 11 we are stuck on android 9. **bleep** Samsung really disappointed in your work and please own your mistake and accept it don't blame covid 19.