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After October update battery backup of S8+ is really improved a lot..and now im getting 2 hours extra of battery life..Well done Samsung..Great job
Guys Samsung is just launching same phones but with different names..A series and M series are mostly same..even S series abd note series are mostly same..Plz bring new smartphones with new features.
I have been facing battery drain issue since last update..Can anyone help me?I have S9+.
Game booster is not working for pubg mobile.As i took it from share it.Its showing pubg mobile is not a game.Game Launcher is working fine but after opening the game,game booster is not enabling...Plz help me guys.
One of my friend is not able to play pubg in hdr mode..although she has an S8+...infact i have seen some youtube videos which says it supports hdr mode...infact my S9+ supports hdr mode too..Then why does her S8+ does not support...Help me guys