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I am not pro but just my first micro shot by Samsung M31#m31#micro
If some of our users already downloaded ONE UI 3.0 beta for M31, so please let us know is there a screen recorder available, or any improvement in battery backup or performance of camera..😅#samsung#samsungm31#m31#ui #performance
Samsung's new update in M31 is complete trash. Lack of new features and performance of camera is same as before. Nothing has changed. What's the meaning of One UI 2.5, its just a regular normal update with full of bugs.#samsungm31#m31#OneUi2.5#camera
Hey, is samsung fix network and battery backup issue in latest update(one ui 2.5)?Or is there any improvement in camera(front)?
Can anyone tell me which setting for FRONT camera is good for taking pictures-* 4:3(32mp) without HDR * 4:3 with HDR * 4:3 wide shot with HDR #samsung #m31 #camera #selfie