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For a 16MP camera im not satisfied with the way it takes pictures...its like the camera app is somehow not set up enough for the hardware..And also would be nice if we get the auto focus feature on all cameras..
Hi where can I fix my gear 2 that is stuck on firmware recovery mode?
I just noticed that the the blue light filter is not applied on my locksreen. Does this happen on my A30s or all a30s has the same thing?
It would be very nice if Samsung makes something like this... This is my A30s it has no notification led.. But I found an app on playstore that can make this light around notch.... Since Android has ambient display. It would be really nice for Samsun...
Hi... I really don't understand if it's me or the device itself.. But there seems to be no other means of showing notifications on the a30s...Apart from flashlight or camera led.. And the screen flashing only when it's on... I mean the screen don't e...