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I hate the fact that I was one of the first buyers to buy the Galaxy A51,but the newer buyers got free buds.😒

Samsung buds Resolved!

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Samsung buds are bugs just received them the left does not charge and therefore does not work make better products and ur local South African service centre **bleep**

Posted by: Ravi45
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Wearable? Resolved!

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Hey guys! What do you think is the best Galaxy watch for the whole family? Kids and Adults with a good price and good features.Let me know!

3 faulty Buds recieved in a row

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So I bought a pair on Takealot about 3 weeks agao, they had multiple connection, audio and case issues. Received a replacement after I returned them, they were great until the touchpad started lifting off the bud days after opening them. Replaced a s...

Posted by: Nexiam1
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galaxy buds Resolved!

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He I've purchase the samsung galaxy a71 and I claimed for the galaxy buds but I heard nothing after.. I only received a email saying that they are validating my claim? And they will contact me for the delivery but I got nothing at all. Any help on wh...

earbuds + Resolved!

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When i try to pair my buds with my samsung galaxy s20plus my phone doesnt detect it .. i tried restarting my phone uninstall and reinstall galaxy wearable app.. clear bluetooth data.. it still cant detect my buds..

Posted by: asunah
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Samsung Galaxy s3 46mm smartwatch Resolved!

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My Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartwatch fails to connect remotely if Bluetooth and Wifi is switch off. Stays in Standalone mode. E Sim is already twice resetted by Vodacom and watch and Samsung phone has been factory resetted. It was working fine for 2 month...

Posted by: Hansvdw
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Watch active 2 update

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Why do everybody get the update even including US and SA do not het the updaye ad yet.......

Galaxy watch active 2 upadte

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Does any body know how long after this update have been released in the US when will we receive it in SA?