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Galaxy buds not detected

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I've been trying to connect my galaxy buds to my s20 ultra, but it doesn't show up as something to pair with in Bluetooth. It was working fine yesterday but no clue what going on. I tried placing the phone next to the buds open, whilst inside and the...

Posted by: sofg
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issue with galaxy bids plus

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I just got my galaxy buds plus..the issue is that i when i open the case i can see bettry status for both shows combine status of both buds & case...where i say in vids that when people open the case it shows bettry percentage of each bids ...

Galaxy Fit

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Does anyone have an issue with their Galaxy Fit suddenly restarting randomly during the day. This has begun after the recent update to the software on the 4th of April

Posted by: ALMAR
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#Hanjra #Desi #Gheee

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ہنجرا دیسی گھی خالص ہنجرا دیسی گھی جو کہ اپ کودے بھر پور تونائی, دودھ سے تیار کردہ خالص ہنجرا دیسی گھی 1 بار چیک ضرور کریں ہمارے پاس 2 قسم کا دیسی گھی ہوتا ہے بھینس والا 👇 قیمت: 50گرام:90روپے 250 گرام:450 روپے ادھا کلو: 900 روپے 1 کلو: 1800 روپے 2 ک...

Posted by: Hanjra
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Galaxy Watch 46 mm

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I had been gifted a Samsung Galaxy Watch but it was locked and I knew it's account but after its unlocking when I used it , it was Amazing, really fantastic It had many features and I loved using it

My Fav Watchface

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Posted by: M0ni
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