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Galaxy Fit

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I'm having syncing issues with the step count on my fit and phone. If my phone is off, to charge for example, the steps counted on my Fit during that time won't sync when the phone is restarted and reconnected. Only tbe steps counted after the phone ...

Posted by: Neesa
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Samsung Smart Watch Water Resistance Tips

Posted in: Wearables

No matter what nature throws at you - whether it's rain or puddles - your watch will be perfectly fine. That's because many Samsung smart watches and fitness bands are water resistant. In other words, you can keep track of your workout when it's rain...

Posted by: Abo0d
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ICON X 2018

Posted in: Wearables

Hi Samsung family, I have been using my earbuds for 2 years now since the release and they have been good but I just noticed that the right earbud's sensor is poor and sometimes sound is shifted to the left one and I have to take the right earbud off...

Posted by: malley
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Galaxy watch alarm not working

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When my watch is on charge, the alarm only vibrates once very briefly and then turns off. I dont have do not disturb on and my watch isnt in silent mode. It only happenes when I'm charging the watch and the alarm isnt new. I tested the alarm by setti...

Posted by: TheFad
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Not Long time ago i bought a Samsung earbuds+. i have samsung 8s+ but these "cute" earbuds are not working well with my mobile. The music sound is so low ! But when i connect with my hp laptop they working very well! Is this normal or maybe my earbud...

Galaxy watch active 2 Calorie burn

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Does someone know which future to use for calorie burn count when you skip rope and do other exercises in between like squats,planks,mountain climbers??When I choose circuit training the calorie count is completely off... For 20min high intensity wor...