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Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a disaster

Posted in: Wearables

The software on this thing is so horrible and substandardly tested. - there is a battery charge leak overnight- hear rate sensor is not reliable, you have to restart watch, disable certain workout modes detection and then it works again...for some ti...

Posted by: Blade1
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Galaxy watch

Posted in: Wearables

I was hoping to be able to use this as a conventional watch too. I tried the time app, but cannot start the timer from the watch. One can only initiate it from the phone. I have been looking for a watch face that shows the time (analog preferably) an...

Heart rate reading

Posted in: Wearables

Hi,The heart rate reading are shown in hourly ranges, but I am unable to read or check the minutes details .How can I check details not the hourly range like ( 41- 83) .Thanks

Posted by: Alaakh
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gear vr controller

Posted in: Wearables

Please i don't know if where I'll ask for help. I have gear vr with controller and it's like 20 times only i used it then after a months i can't connect my vr controller even i can't update it cause it can't connect. I have note 8 and i have availabl...

Posted by: marskie
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Galaxy Watch Active

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When I start swimming with watch set on swim after a while the kcal stop counting while time still running during my swim.Kcals seem to stop at different stage and not at certain count.I have reset the watch twice with the same problem. Sometimes the...

This Health app never work

Posted in: Wearables

I can't link my Watch to Samsung Health in my Galaxy S7 edge phone.No root no change in the software. Below is the error message:Unauthorised changes were made to your phone. Contact Customer Service for more information. (0x04#0x4040#00600066N2530)P...

Washed My Galaxy Buds

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I accidentally left my Galaxy buds is my hoodie and placed it in the washing machine. The buds are working fine ; however the case isn't working this means I can't charge them. I've left it in a bag of rice with no luck... Is there any way to purchas...

Posted by: yusuff
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why galaxy buds can't connect to two devices

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Why Galaxy buds can't be connectd to two devices like other buds!? I suggest strongly to add this feature in next software update or at least client can connect one of the Earbuds to another device. For example right Earbud can be connected to s10 an...

Posted by: BuZayed
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Hello, I've recently starting having trouble with my left earpiece of the galaxy buds. They are working but the volume is very quiet and dim. Any idea how to resolve this issue?

Posted by: ron1310
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