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gear S3 зависает при ответе на вызов

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если отвечать на вызов с часов - вызов не принимается часами. остается на Note8. после этого часы зависают в режиме разговора (идет счетчик разговора, даже когда разговор окончен на Note8) только после перезагрузки начинают работать (до следующего пр...

Posted by: StFaust
Beginner Level 5

is there a better find my phone app?

Posted in: Wearables

I'm looking for something that can directly point me to my phone like an arrow or something instead of just ringing.I lost my phone while on horse back and thank goodness I was able to find it but it wasn't thanks to the app itself it was thanks to t...

Galaxy watch App

Posted in: Wearables

Hello there from Doha, I am not able to find must useful app's for my watch, like Uber or google maps and spotify. Can you help me with this matter? Thank you in advance

Posted by: Tsugua
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NEW 46mm Galaxy Watch battery drain FAST

Posted in: Wearables

I bought watch in September 2018 From first charge of the watch, I got 2 days use out of it. I haven't done much, added a few watch faces. After that consistently I am getting about 1 day and few hours only. I have manual sync turned on, I don't use ...