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Update - Galaxy watch 4 Redemption issue - CC talk

(Topic created on: 10-30-2021 12:15 AM)
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Hello guys,

As many of us still unable to redeem the prebook offer voucher of 6k, few people succeeded already. Talked to customer care today, here goes the conversation..

Call got connected
CC: she started straight away with hindi and I don't hindi. 
Me: I don't know hindi
CC: Tell me
Me: Unable to redeem 6k voucher for watch preceded
CC: Sir technical issue, it will take 2 days to solve
Me: few members are able to redeem and many are not. Why such a issue?
CC: Sir issue will clear today evening
Me: Why changing your statement often?
CC: Sir evening 
Me: Ok are you sure it will resolve by evening?
CC: sir technical issue na ( here goes the catch, she don't know english much)
Me: ok offer went live late and still not able to redeem, will you extend the validity?
Cc: sir nov
Me: are you getting the point?
Cc: validity nov 
Me: ok leave it, why no stocks for redeeming the watch straps? Only buds pro is there. Are u forcing us to buy buds pro only?
Cc: no straps, buds pro
Me: Do you know english?
Cc: buds pro sir
Me: let lost.

Evening call to Cc: another 24-48hrs
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Redemption has started working for SM-R885F. Although for the charger and band combo, only the pink band was available when clearly other colors are in stock!! So decided to wait for a couple of days to see if any other colors are in stock.. and now everything is out of stock all together; only the buds pro are available! Samsung is really trying to push the buds and non popular colors of its band!
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Never gonna buy this prebook craps again with samsung, still facing the apologies message and CC kept adding 5 to 6 days more very time when I call. Worst technical team of the world. Won't even know to fix 0's and 1's. Irritated.