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So far so good.

(Topic created on: 03-04-2022 03:48 PM)
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I don't know what the fuss is. Alot of people encouraging to get wearables. Jesus christ these things cost as much as a brand new phone. I'd rather buy a new phone that can do more, than buy a wearable that's limited.

I quote ' you can track your exercises and check heart rate, etc.' Then these are the people that doesn't even exercise often lol. One week and all they doing after that is 'forgetting' to exercise. I don't think a watch on your wrist will make you progress faster in your exercise. 

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Wearables aren't necessarily gonna make one exercise but I believe one has to start somewhere from not wearing it during a workout to total addiction.
I am a Garmin fan and I can't do a run without a watch and I've witnessed people driving back for a watch and chase a training run or a grumpy fellow runner whose watch couldn't charge,battery dying during an activity and many more watch related incidents to show how addicted we've become.
I am following with interest the comments on the Samsung watch but seemingly I'll still stay with my Garmin for now one In particular the regional based software that other regions don't have. If it doesn't read nor indicate the universal features that sports fanatics enjoy then why would I be buying it and then complain of a lack of particular feature I need to use.?
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Its the metrics. You wont be able to get that just with the phone itself.

As for the watch being the motivator, its a fuzzy answer. Yes, i want to get my monies worth so use it. No, its not the sole reason to exercise.

Health is a choice and a lifestyle, with its varied degrees. The watch is and will remain an accessory to that goal and not the goal itself.

When I got my GW4 my opinion of it was that I'd have the best of both. Health/exercise monitoring and the diversity of the playstore, ie, any app that i needed/wanted. But I'm realizing I'd like a more health/exercise oriented setup, even if it means "sacrificing" features.

Plus, support as been a non official - basically community driven (thanks peeps). For a "premium" device its err 🙊