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Samsung launches One UI 6 Watch beta for Galaxy watches, starting with the Galax

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Samsung is rolling out the first beta version of its One UI 6 Watch software, giving Galaxy Watch owners a chance to experience the latest features before the official release. Currently, the beta program is exclusive to users in the US and South Korea, with the Galaxy Watch 6 series being the first in line to receive it.
Owners of the Bluetooth version of the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can enroll in the beta through the Samsung Members app. Samsung plans to expand the beta access to LTE versions and older models, including the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series.

One UI 6 Watch introduces a suite of new features designed to enhance health tracking, customization, and overall user experience. The full list of new features can be found here, but we have summarized the most impactful ones below.


What's new in the One UI 6 Watch upgrade

Health-conscious users will appreciate the integration of Galaxy AI, which provides personalized insights and recommendations based on sleep and activity data. The new energy score feature offers a snapshot of physical and mental readiness, while detailed sleep analysis delves deeper into sleep quality by incorporating heart rate, respiratory rate, and time to fall asleep. The ability to create custom workout routines adds another layer of personalization to fitness tracking.
One UI 6 Watch also brings several usability enhancements. The double-pinch gesture now allows for quick actions like answering calls, controlling music, and taking pictures. Horizontal scrolling has been made faster, and users can now view ongoing activities and switch between them with a tap. Universal gestures offer an alternative way to interact with the watch, including a wrist-flick motion to go back to the previous screen.

Users can also now choose which apps send notifications directly to the watch, and modes can automatically adjust settings based on activity or location. There's also a new default font that is more modern, while enhanced power-saving options aim to extend battery life.
Additional improvements include the ability to save image attachments in messages, instant access to favorite emojis, and automatic connection to Bluetooth audio devices when playing music.

Samsung has not yet announced the official release date for One UI 6 Watch. However, based on the beta program's launch, users can expect the final version to roll out in the coming months. For those eager to try out the new features, the beta program offers an early glimpse into the future of Samsung's smartwatch software.

As with any beta software, users should be aware that there might be some bugs and instability. It's recommended to back up any important data before installing the beta version.
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Nice. Great to see Samsung continuing to innovate.