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Samsung Watch 4 Classic UNUSABLE after latest software update

(Topic created on: 11-23-2022 03:53 PM)
Beginner Level 3
After the latest software update (Friday, 18 Nov 2022) for my Samsung watch 4 Classic, the screen just turned black and the watch was unusable/dead and wouldn't even charge. Have tried rebooting and charging over night. Nothing, just dead.

I have spoken to customer care and they directed me to a walk-in Samsung store to get fixed. As my watch is out of the 12 month warranty and the fault was noted world wide (as I informed the call center operator), and I asked how to get this fixed, she assured me it would be free of charge to fix at my closest Samsung customer care walk-in store. At the walk-in customer care store, they didn't agree with this comment and want to charge me to fix this error... very frustrating and unfare for me to pay for a Samsung issue. 

I have attached screen shots from International Samsung community forums as they all experienced the same issue and they have made public statements regarding this. Why not in South Africa?

Please advise on this issue and i will not pay to fix your problem.