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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Price

(Topic created on: 08-24-2022 06:40 PM)
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My email to Samsung ZA eStore:

Dear Samsung

Just to inform you that as a huge Samsung fan and a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra owner with numerous other Samsung products, your price of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an absolute joke and that despite waiting in great anticipation to upgrade my Gear S3 Frontier, I will not be buying the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for R11, 999. 

Forcing "FREE" Buds Pro to the "DEAL" doesn't help either as I already took new buds with my S22 Ultra.

So, good luck... This offer is pathetic. 

Kind Regards 

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over at the fruit side you would pay R10 grand for an aluminium version or easily R17k+ for the stainless steel version for the Series 7.. So already smart watch prices are expensive