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SAMSUNGNew Galaxy AI features come to Samsung Buds 2 Pro, Buds 2 and Buds FE

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Samsung has announced a new OTA update for its Galaxy Buds FE, Buds 2, and Buds 2 Pro, which brings two new features of Galaxy AI – Live Translate and Interpreter.

Both features are currently compatible only with the Galaxy S24 series, which was launched earlier this year with a range of AI-enhanced capabilities. Samsung said it plans to expand the compatibility to other devices in the future.

Users can check their Galaxy Wearable app for the latest update of Galaxy Buds and install it to enjoy the new features.

Galaxy AI Features for Samsung Galaxy Buds

Live Translate:

Live Translate allows users to translate speech and text in real-time using their Galaxy S24 smartphones and Galaxy Buds. The translation will be displayed on the screen and spoken through the earbuds. Live Translate supports several languages and requires a network connection and a Samsung account login.


Interpreter is a feature that enables users to have conversations in different languages without using their phones. Users can select their preferred language on the Galaxy Wearable app and then speak through their Galaxy Buds. The earbuds will translate and speak the output in the other person’s language.