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I have been using Gear S2 (SM-R729) for years. I use only standard apps with my Gear. Phone App on the Gear allowed me to find a necessary phone number from the call log, make a call and so on. 

I got One UI 2.0 a week ago (Note 9), everything works perfectly except the Phone App on Gear. When I start the Phone App on Gear then I can see just a black screen for 2-3s and after that the main watch face gets back. I can't get into the history of calls.... I can make a call by using a contact only. Please help me to make the App work properly. 

I made hard reset of Gear, I reinstalled Galaxy Wearable of my Note, so it didn't help me, I have the same problem with Phone App.
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Hey, we are sorry to hear that.

We advise you to visit the nearest Samsung center for it to be checked. 


Thank you